Continuum Fingerboard


Continuum fingerboard is a music performance controller. The controller has touch sensitive playing surface, sensors placed underneath the playing surface respond to finger position and pressure. The layout of the controller is similar to MIDI –keyboard, the difference being sustain and expression pedals are embedded in the playing surface (Sustain and expression pedals are functions used to enhance music note pitch and sound duration). The use of this instrument is not just only creating music, but to synthesis new sounds, explore sounds patterns in the performance environment.

The music produced from the controller is contemporary, but given the wide range features in MIDI, one can easily produce old-fashioned music. Unlike any other electronic device, continuum fingerboard requires extensive practice to master. For any amateur musicians its difficult to get hold of this instrument and to control at first, the range of sound experiences it creates is almost limitless compared to almost any other instrument, acoustic or electric.  Often it’s tough to classify which genre does this music instrument falls, is it a craft based or physics based instrument.

The instrument follows the principles of music and physics. Unlike other MIDI instruments, where one creates sound, pitch and volume, the continuum presents sound itself as a continuous medium. Due to wide range of sounds it creates, continuum fingerboard is popular amongst avant-garde musicians. Progressive rock has adopted the continuum as a way to express one’s self in a limitless way.