To facilitate communication between grandparents and grandchildren through activities

I am working on a project with a team of 4 people for Microsoft imagine cup and theme for this year is “World Citizenship”. We have to design a solution that makes a positive contribution to the betterment of humanity. We narrowed on a problem space to share and transfer family cultures and values between older generations (grandparents) and younger generations (grandchildren) situated remotely across the globe.

The idea is build the lost communication channels which ones exists due to globalization phenomenon. To start with the age groups of people we are going to study is grandparents whose age ranges between 60 – 75 yrs and grandchildren whose age ranges between 8 – 14 yrs.

Three primary predispositions to start with are:
– Older people have experience to share.
– Sharing information which once existed between older and younger generation is now lost.
– There is technology, cultural gap between generations.

To mediate any interaction between grandparent and grandchildren, one has to have a common ground to start any discussion. Grandparent like to share ideas, knowledge and young kids have less attention span to listen to grandparent partly due to the irrelevance of the topic to the current situation the kids living in. Establishing a common ground, by providing information of the kids through various channels in education, medical and social dimension.

Any comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome.


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