Why this site works?

I thought of writing few insights on websites and what makes a website more engaging with users? For this purpose I have chosen a website idlebrain.com and the first thing comes to our mind, does this website works? Does it serve the purpose, which it is intended for?

Background: The site primarily targeted to movie buffs of telugu speaking people (telugu is one of the regional language in India). It provides content related to latest news, hot gossips, interviews, latest movie reviews from telugu movie industry.

Web stats:
– Has more number of visitors visiting then blizzard.com
– Has a higher Alexia ranking the Indiana University.

I know these comparison are baseless, I have provided them only to prove why one should do a critical analysis of this website. What does it take to work on these websites? How such are sites designed? Do they have a secrete recipe (heuristics) to engage interactions with the users? How can these products sustain for a decade with the constant evolving web world? Although, there are clean and usable websites, which fall in the same category as idlebrain.com, for some reasons even today it stands out leaving unanswered question, why do people visit these websites? Don’t they get annoyed to see these websites after engaging with a highly usable (user experience) websites like Twitter, Facebook etc.?

Most of the users religiously visit and follow this website for the information it provides. This is definitely perfect example where usability takes back seat and functionality/usage takes the front one. For the users, change is unacceptable and unanticipated and the website administrators never experimented to change or revamp the site. User accept the website to be part of their external system (cognition), they just know where to find things like review, latest updates, interviews and photo galleries in this website. If someone tries to change the layout or hierarchy, it leads to chaos in the user interactions. As designers, how can we address and cater the future needs of the users, who doesn’t anticipate changes?  How to build mental model of user experiences while revamping such websites?

Few things I have learned from this websites, users don’t look for usable artifacts and they appreciate the fact being different. Clearly usability heuristics fails in this scenarios, unique users are visiting the site regularly and able to sustain engaging interactions with the website for longer periods, years in this case.


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