Lamarque authors reading and my views

The reading was difficult for me understand and digest most of it. Through out my life I was more exposed to scientific type of reading then a literature based.

In the first section of the readings, the author gives an overview on the new criticism, which developed in 1930s and 1940s.  Explains in details by illustrating Shelley and Wordsworth poetry. I would have to love to see some examples of eastern countries poetry, since the eastern countries poetry is more focused on the freedom struggle not reflecting upon personal taste and passions.

One question, which struck my mind, while reading first and second section. How can we evaluate or do criticize music notations created by the great music greats. Although these notes are different form of literature, it personifies ones expression, style, kind of influence from the society is living on. I would like to see authors take on this.

For the most part of the reading, I tried thinking and conceptualizing on how can I relate it to design practice. How can we map concepts of biographer, autobiographer and critic explained in the reading to design? I tried relating drawing parallels between autobiographer and designer who creates a new gadget or artifact, and biographer is more like designer who develops variants of gadget or artifact created by other designer and lastly, a critic is also a designer by constantly changing the designs by evaluating through different lenses.


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